A simple 5 steps guide to creating a website with us


Whether you’re giving services, selling products, having an agency, shop, spa, saloon, repair shop, or simply want to know how to starting a blog, you will need a website of your own.


In todays world if you are running a business or doing a hobby and you don’t have a website it means you are not visible to anyone. Being invisible will not get you anything. Increased visibility will increase traffic and it will ultimately increase the online/offline sales. Visibility also increases user engagements and lasting communication and slowing building the brand.


When you create a website it helps you communicate better with your existing customers and you pursue the attention of prospective user base and strengthen your customer base. Creating a website is ultimate launch pad of a website.


So how to create your own perfect website? We will help you in the article with  step-by-step process you need to follow and get started with your own perfect website. We have also addressed commonly know issues and problem you may face for the first time in creating your own website.


You can always communicate with on whatsapp and discuss at length on how to create your own website in case you don’t want to read the article.


Step #1: Buy A Domain Name


Step #2: Where to host the website? Buy a hosting package


Step #3: Install A Website (Static Website or Content Management System)


Step #4: Install A Website Theme or WordPress Theme


Step #5: Install WordPress Plugins